My name is John Lamy. I’m a management consultant. My main focus is helping clients achieve satisfying results, year after year. I’ve been consulting since 1995, and for 25 years before that I was an R&D engineering manager for a big Silicon Valley company.

Specialty Areas

My areas of consulting expertise are spelled out below. These are the disciplines where I’ve spent decades working in the trenches and studying the best of the best. I can show you how to implement world-class excellence in these areas.

If any of this rings a bell, give me a call. Sometimes just talking about a problem helps shed light on it. I’m more than happy to do that.

Personal Impact on the Team

But there’s more. Something you don’t find in a lot of consultants. I’m a catalyst, meaning I induce a certain kind of energy and dynamism into your team, irrespective of the actual subject matter. For example:

  • Clearer thinking within the team;
  • Insights that hover just below the surface;
  • Organization of chaotic situations;
  • Engagement, instead of just punching the clock;
  • Motivation and Inspiration to take real action and achieve real results.

One client said working with me is like drinking coffee…everything just becomes more energetic, clearer, and more fun. I like that!

The Human Dimension and Global Consciousness

Since my college days I’ve had a deep and active interest in the human and global dimension. I’ve been a serious student of emotional intelligence and meditation; I’ve attended and led personal growth seminars and retreats; and I’ve actively participated in campaigns to bring about lasting positive change in the environment. With this global approach, the projects come alive, the team gets creative and involved, and the results endure for years.

I’d love to talk to you about all this. Give me a call.

Consulting Services

Getting Results

Getting solid, dependable results is the centerpiece of the Lamy Consulting practice. We offer a process called Get Results that reliably delivers results, year in and year out.

General Management

Running a company is one of the hardest jobs there is. Sometimes challenges appear that are just outside your skill set...and you'd appreciate a little help and triangulation.


The essence of Strategy is how we'll win in the marketplace. If your Strategic Plan is a little thin or not really up to date, I can facilitate your leadership team through the process to a new Strategy.

New Product Development

To survive over the long term, you need a reliable stream of new products and services. New Product Development (NPD) is an inherently creative process, but it need not be haphazard or random. I can show you how to implement a solid NPD program in your company.

Leadership Forum Emphasizing Global Consciousness

This is a small, carefully selected cohort of leader-trainees. We study leadership with an infusion of global and human development consciousness.

Project Management

Behind the art and science of Project Management is a time-honored process involving Work Breakdown Structure and Gantt Charts that guides you through your project. I have taught Project Management for decades, and people uniformly love it.

"I Just Need to Talk"

Very often we discover that our principal client is also looking to cultivate a trusted friend to bounce ideas off of, and to provide some kind of congenial accountability and honest feedback outside the walls of the company. All of our services include this kind of personal vibe, plus we offer a weekly remote connection program, over the phone or video. People really appreciate the deep support, and the convenience.