The Problem

Can’t Get It Done
Have you known organizations that have so much promise: great product, outstanding people, solid strategy…and yet, they can’t quite seem to actually execute their plans and get solid results….?

Why not? Maybe the team:

  • Disagrees?
  • Doesn’t understand?
  • Doesn’t see their individual parts?
  • Are blown away by the day-to-day hurricane that is their jobs?….or what??


Creeping Medocrity
Quietly, the leadership backs off from setting big goals. A pervasive mediocrity creeps in, the same ol’ same ol’.

Then, it gets harder and harder to hire and keep top people, so the problem starts to feed on itself.

Or, No Experience with Big Goals
Maybe the leadership team hasn’t personally experienced the awesome power of setting a big goal and helping the team achieve it.

The Problem is: getting results.

The Solution

Harnessing the power of Big Goals
I help companies fix the problem of falling short on achieving results.

It takes work and attention to implement an execution program, but the payoff is huge and perpetual. It becomes a cornerstone of your culture.

Three Steps

  1. Focus: Zero in on what really matters, and let the rest wait. Winnow it down;
  2. Clarity: Spell out who does what, by when. Build a set of tactics that will actually accomplish the results;
  3. Accountability: meet with the execution team on cadence, to make sure they’re on track.

The Outcome
If you do this, you can reach your mission-critical goals, year after year. It’s a great feeling to have the power to get solid results!

I deeply believe that setting and reaching big goals is the absolute key to sustainable excellence. I lived this paradigm in my Silicon Valley days, and I’ve seen companies that do it and companies that don’t…and the yawning chasm in performance between them.

Crucial By-Product: Your People
The results-oriented management style gets your people excited about their jobs. They can be amazingly resourceful, and it’s a joy to watch them collaborate in ways they hadn’t in the past. Want to hire and keep the best? Try this!

Ring a Bell?
If this sounds even a little bit familiar, give me a call. Let’s sit down over a cuppa joe and see if this makes sense for you. I have a few no-cost exercises and experiences that give us a chance to get to know each other.

Give me a call.

John Lamy