As companies grow from startups to big enterprises, there’s a specific danger zone from about 10 to about 70 employees. In this zone, companies face a specific set of problems that can kill them if they don’t get it right.  I provide these companies with in-depth consulting that’s custom-tailored to their exact situation, so they can move beyond survival and into sustainable profitability and growth…and so the leadership team can get past the existential heartburn!

I offer my clients two fundamental benefits:

Subtle insight
I help you see what’s really going on beneath the surface. Sometimes the deeper causes of today’s problems are subtle or unexpected; and sometimes the leadership team just needs another experienced pair of eyes, and an in-depth conversation, to connect with the underlying reality.

Solid progress
As I work with my clients, my guiding star is real, tangible results:

  • Profit. Without it, nothing else is possible. Profit measures the company’s overall contribution to the customer–let’s focus on projects that lead to more robust profitability.
  • Growth. Most companies aspire to a steady, organic revenue growth. Healthy growth means the percent increase in revenues exceeds the percent increase in expenses; if not, we have a problem!
  • Team engagement. While less tangible than profit and growth, most owners and CEOs can feel the dedication and enthusiasm of their teams, and recognize that their team’s engagement is a critical driver of overall success.


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A few actual comments from past and present clients:


“You really get us!”
“Massively helpful!”

Smaller companies often run into trouble in five specific areas where I have had years of experience and can provide real, results-focused help:

John Lamy

John Lamy

I have spent the majority of my career as an engineering manager. After my MBA I moved into management consulting, which I love. After hours, I connect with my grandsons in California, play my guitar, keep up with physics and astronomy, and hike, bike, and sail.