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Your Most Important Decision

Your Most Important Decision Quick self-check: what flashed through your mind when you first saw that headline? What’s truly your most important decision? I’m going

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Strategy Checklist

Strategy Checklist Strategy is your most fundamental plan for succeeding and thriving. I suggest a living document in a 3-ring notebook. Update it once a

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Picking the Goal

Picking the Goal Let’s say you want to set out a Big Goal to rally your team. What do we know about choosing a Big

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New Product Development

New Product Development A reliable stream of new products or services is essential for the vitality of any organization. To assure a reliable stream, you’ll

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Navigation: The 7 Biggies

Navigation: The Seven Biggies Are you skimping on any of these strategic elements? Don’t do it! Every single one is critical. Marketing Who is your

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Intuition and Management

Intuition and Management Why Intuition in the Age of Management Science? Two reasons: First, intuition is a prerequisite for real insight, meaning a fresh understanding of

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Asking for Help

Asking for Help When to Ask Mostly, you don’t need help. You’ve been running your business for awhile, and you’ve learned a lot. But…there are

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Erin Koss

Adjacent: Erin Koss

Erin Koss Erin Koss and her company, Syte Consulting Group, show their clients how to acquire and integrate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. But that’s just

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Chris Cook Capiche

Adjacent: Chris Cook

Chris Cook I recently brought Chris in on a consulting engagement where the client had bits and pieces of a marketing program, but lacked the

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