Project Management

Project Management (PM) is one of those life skills that’s so widely useful that you can hardly afford to be without it!

I learned PM in a New Product Development (NPD) environment, where PM mastery is an absolute must. But you also need PM when you’re introducing a new process in your production area, or building a new building, or throwing a Christmas party, or… All over the place. Any time you’re doing something big, but just one time.

Lamy Consulting offers PM training at various levels of depth, typically an all-day class with about 20 participants from a wide range of disciplines and skills. I can also provide a hands-on multi-day training for your NPD team, where the team comes out with a full blown project plan. And, I’ve done short (even one-hour!) overviews of PM for groups large and small. I’ve taught Project Management for decades, and the class has never failed to produce top evaluation scores.

If you’re interested in PM training, give me a call and we can talk about what’s appropriate.

In addition to training, I have on occasion actually managed real projects for companies. In the era of Zoom meetings, this is an interesting experience! Again, the evaluation ratings have been uniformly excellent.

Short Articles on Project Management

These short articles, typically about one page long, are designed to give you the critical essence. They’re like M&Ms: they taste good and they give you a real energy boost!

Videos on Project Management