One Pagers

Sometimes when you’re thinking about a problem, you’d like a little input to prime the pump. These short documents are pithy and helpful. Take a look!

Getting Results

This One Pager is an overview of the process for leading your team to great results.

The next step: selecting a goal that will be truly helpful in the long run. It’s not always obvious!

There are three distinct dimensions to picking smart goals. This One Pager outlines them.

What do you think?? What’s the most important decision you’ll make as you manage toward getting real results?


As you think about developing the strategy for your company or even your department, it’s helpful to have a top-level checklist of the key elements.

For most companies, this is one of the toughest areas to manage. The key: you need a robust process to stay on course.

Here’s a suggestion for the seven most important things to keep an eye on. You may have your own list….


This is my personal introduction to you…what I do, my background, and how I might be able to add value to your operation. I hope to meet you!

Of course rationality is key to business execution, but so it your intuition! Here are some ways to think about that.

Most of the time you don’t need any help. But there are times when all of us could use a helping hand.


How are you handling the recession? No easy answers, but here are a few ideas.

The pandemic is something new for all of us. Let’s take the opportunity to learn something!