How We Work

I offer three ways of working with clients and partners:

Discrete Programs

These are targeted specifically at  short-term, finite projects, like developing a strategic plan, doing an FMEA analysis, facilitating a retreat, or teaching your folks Project Management. They range from one day to several weeks, and may or may not involve a written report. These programs enable you to get a specific job done, or to acquire a specific skill or practice, with relatively little expense and high effectiveness.


Structural Programs

These engagements address major structural components of your company, like:

  • You’ve thought about, and maybe even tried to install, a Lean/Continuous Improvement program, but it’s not really working. Frustration abounds.
  • Your R&D program is chaotic, late, over budget, and often less than 100% effective. You’ve nibbled at the problem, but the results are not good.

Structural issues require serious time and commitment. For these programs, I typically work with a carefully selected team of your leaders and key folks, usually for half a day a week for 6-12 months. That’s normally what it takes to get it right. And there are indirect benefits from these team projects:

  • Silo busting. Working cross-functionally often re-opens lines of communication that may have eroded since the start-up days;
  • Energy. Employees take on serious deliverables and leadership in the course of executing the structural project, with the result of deepening enthusiasm, involvement, and commitment. And that’s often contagious!


Free Programs

I offer two kinds of programs at no charge:

  • Talks. On a variety of subjects. For individual companies (brown bag, enrichment, etc.), clubs, civic organizations, etc.
  • Explorations. The opportunity to talk through a challenging situation with someone who’s truly objective, but also experienced and compassionate. It gives you a chance to go deeper and to get your thoughts out there and (often) written down.



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