Hitting Your Goals: The Process

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your management team puts in 10 hour days, running around like crazy, fixing mistakes, putting out fires;
  • Most of the non-management folks are not as fully engaged, maybe even a little lackadaisical, and they don’t really understand the operation’s strategy or goals;
  • You have the gut feeling that you’re underperforming. You could be doing much better!

Ring a bell? You can fix that! It’s not insurmountable, but it takes real focus to get it right.

One proven approach is to establish a robust process for setting and achieving a Big Goal. I call it the Get Results process. It sounds so simple, but I’m continually amazed at how rarely I see it in practice—even when the frustration level in the corner office is high. Three steps:

The Big Goal

Start with your Core Values, your Strategy, and your current big issues. Then walk around and chat with your team to pickup other ideas and insights.

Then, concoct a single Big Goal that aligns with these three key drivers, and that spans throughout the organization. Creating and articulating that Big Goal is not easy. It’s as much art as science. In fact, I think it requires a bit of magic!


Step two: With your team, figure out the specific set of Tactics (or tasks) that must be executed to realize the Big Goal. Department by department, person by person. Write them down, assign them to people, and put measures, targets, and due dates on each Tactic.

And notice that this process will reveal shortfalls in your infrastructure; this is a great opportunity to fix those shortfalls and drive out the gremlins that may have bothered you for years!


Step three: Meet with your entire team, on a regular cadence (maybe once a month?), to make sure you’re on track. What are the problems? Who can help who? Do you need to pivot? Let team members speak, especially the more junior ones—this is a great opportunity for their personal development.

If you set up your Execution Framework correctly, three amazing things will follow:

• You’ll hit your Big Goal, and your financial performance will show it

• You’ll build a culture that hits your Big Goals, year after year

• Your folks will love it, word will spread, and it’ll be easier to hire outstanding people.

The process works. You really can achieve awesome results. Give it a try! And if you’d like to talk about it, give me a call…you’ll be glad you did!


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