Get Help In These Uncertain Times

I suspect that you get a lot of stuff about what’s next after the pandemic…I’m flooded with it every day.

But here’s the problem: it doesn’t tie together YOUR business and YOUR unique situation. You’re left on your own to connect the dots. And given the massive uncertainties, that’s a real problem.

We are offering help with that critical problem.

We are offering a series of Zoom meetings with you and your management team. We will help you explore the forces impacting your business, before and after the pandemic. What are the most important changes in those macro forces? How do those changes impact your business and your whole value chain? Most importantly, how should you respond, especially relative to your current and prospective customers, and your product and service offerings? A head-in-the-sand or postponement strategy is a good prescription for severe heartburn in a few months!

We are a couple of management consultants who’ve been active for decades. Steve Rice specializes in Marketing and the wise application of Technology to turbocharge your revenue. John Lamy specializes in Strategy and the skillful execution of plans to get real Results. We’re teaming up for this offering to bring our clients insight and perspective that you probably can’t find any other way.

If this sounds interesting, give us a call.

Steve Rice, 541-821-2733,

John Lamy, 541-778-2252,