Project Management Basics

Project Management Basics Project Management is one of those life skills that will serve you in SO many situations that you’ve just GOT to have it! Remember that a project is a one time occurrence, not an ongoing program. Here are the seven absolute essentials for running a successful project. Sponsor Who is paying the […]

Three Dimensions of the Big Goal

The Three Dimensions of the Big Goal The research is conclusive: teams perform better when they’re shooting for a Big Goal. Jim Collins (of Built to Last fame) called it the BHAG, for Big Hairy Audacious Goal! But then what? Here’s a handy way of thinking about goals for your group. Consider three interlocking scales: […]

Picking the Goal

Picking the Goal This is the Fun Part! Let’s say you want to set out a Big Goal to rally your team. What do we know about choosing a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)? Are there any dos and don’ts? Yes there are! Here are a few ideas. How About a Financial Goal?? Last year’s […]

Hitting Your Goals: The Process

Hitting Your Goals: The Process Does this sound familiar? Your management team puts in 10 hour days, running around like crazy, fixing mistakes, putting out fires; Most of the non-management folks are not as fully engaged, maybe even a little lackadaisical, and they don’t really understand the operation’s strategy or goals; You have the gut […]

Asking For Help

Asking For Help When to Ask Mostly, you don’t need help. You’ve been running your business for awhile, and you’ve learned a lot. But…there are two situations where it might be wise to bring in help from outside the company: You’re doing something new. You have a vague sense that you may not know what […]