Chris Cook

Chris Cook CapicheI recently brought Chris in on a consulting engagement where the client had bits and pieces of a marketing program, but lacked the experience and the in-depth know-how to mount a serious, sustained campaign. It was a joy to sit and watch her facilitate the team, draw out their best ideas and energies, and then fill in the gaping holes. She led them through strategy, target markets, channels, all that good marketing strategy stuff!

Then, suddenly, she’s up at the whiteboard helping them with the details of a specific ad for a specific publication. She added that little touch of insight and execution that they might eventually stumble upon, but that she could vector to in a flash. The room was electric when she sat back down.

She also has x-ray vision. She looks into your organization and sees hidden things that may have fallen out of alignment: your Brand, your Culture, and your Tactics. As your company grows, it’s pretty easy for you to lose sight of those three critical variables, and to have them no longer working together. That situation, all too common, cripples marketing and profitability. Chris is a certified Coach, and she uses that skill to help companies bring those three elements into deep alignment, and thereby reap both the financial and the personal benefits that follow.

What kind of a human being is Chris? Warm, expressive, and very easy to be with either one-to-one or in a group. And on top of that, she’s creative—she’ll come up with ideas, insights, and work products that are just terrific. I consider her a dear friend…she’s just that kind of person.

Chris is one of those people who makes the Rogue Valley a great place to live! Thank you Chris!

If you need help with marketing, call Chris Cook at Capiche. You’ll be glad you did!

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