Erin Koss

Erin KossErin Koss and her company, Syte Consulting Group, show their clients how to acquire and integrate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. But that’s just the start of her story! Over the years of helping clients she has come to realize that there’s a whole preparatory stage that comes before actually selecting and installing the ERP. You have to think clearly about what you’re doing, how it all ties together, how work and information flows, how the team interrelates, on and on. So Erin and her crew provide coaching and strategy advice that sends benefit rippling throughout the company, quite apart from the ERP itself. And going one step further, Erin is a deeply people-oriented person…something of a surprise for a software specialist with a CPA! She sees and engages the whole person. She thinks about how people function and what’s going to work best for them. I experienced this most clearly a year ago November, the month of Thanksgiving. Erin set up a network of people who took a few minutes every day in the month to just remember what they’re grateful for and to share it out. Simple, easy…and oh so contributory! Who’d have thought of that! Well, Erin did, and it told me something about her that I’ll not forget. Website: LinkedIn Profile: Syte LinkedIn Company Profile: