We offer management consulting for companies with 10 to 70 employees. These small companies have unique needs: they’re no longer startups, but they often struggle to create the infrastructure, culture, and fundamental processes they need to achieve sustainability.

We offer our clients two fundamental benefits:

Subtle insight.
What’s really going on, underneath the presenting problems and opportunities. Sometimes it’s subtle or unexpected; and sometimes it just needs an experienced pair of eyes and in-depth conversation to really register what’s going on.

Solid progress.
We favor real results over busyness and theorizing. From day one we work to move the ball down field.

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A few actual comments from past and present clients:
“You really get us!”
“Massively Helpful!”

We offer help with managing your company as a whole. We provide help in five specific program areas that pop up a lot for smaller companies:

John Lamy

John Lamy

I have spent the majority of my career as an engineering manager. After my MBA I moved into management consulting, which I love. After hours, I connect with my grandsons in California, play my guitar, keep up with physics and astronomy, and hike, bike, and sail.